Don't be misled by some competitor's lower prices with identical packaging!

Please note the difference between our high quality, made in USA eggs and competitors imported eggs.
In the photos below the pink egg is made in USA (ours), the smaller blue egg is imported (theirs).
We sell other colors as well and are using pink for illustration purposes only.

Our eggs are lager and higher quality. Note how their egg fits completely into ours.

Our eggs are sturdier.

From a recent satisfied customer:
Dear Toy Connection: Thank you so much for your prompt shipping and excellent Easter eggs.
I have been searching for quite some time to find quality plastic eggs for a children's program.
What a relief to open your package and discover eggs that are odor-free and clean -
no dead insects or debris inside to wash out as I've found with other brands.
Thank you! Kim
...Yes, it is fine to post the comment, and I will recommend your Easter eggs to friends and family who may also be looking for them this time of year.